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I have spent most of my time blogging about my Rock and Roll experiences on my http://meandtherollingstones.com/blog.  Now it is time for me to reflect and blog on my experiences in film (especially The Stranger series with Tony Anthony).

First let me tell you about Tony Anthony: No offense, Actors.  The majority of Actors, the talent, are for the most part spoiled cry babies.  Tony was far from that.  Tony was involved in the script and he always included these incredible beating scenes and he didn’t use a stunt double for most of the beatings. He even crafted where he was thrown into a pen filled with hogs and they rooted him out (sorry:-)).  He suffers a bit from this now.

Here is a scene from Japan thtat shows you what he put himself through for the enjoyment of his fans.  I will put more up soon.

If you will note we got a PG and that was because there was no blood.  When kids saw it, they laughed and enjoyed it.

I just saw an ad for the newest video game, Red Dead Redemption with Vampires — they said that putting the cowboy outside reality wouldn’t work…

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