Larry King Gets Mean

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After GET MEAN was released in 1976, I was in Miami and a publicist scheduled me to be interviewed by Larry King on his radio show.  Larry interviewed me and we spoke about the film and my rock and roll past, but the most interesting time for me was during the commercial breaks.  We spoke for quite awhile and I asked him, “Larry, you have spoken to kings, police chiefs, presidents etc…is there any one thing you came away with after all these interviews (his old radio show back then was the same format as his CNN show)?”  He said yes and stated that the one thing he learned is that we should legalize victimless crimes – gambling, prostitution, drugs.  This will free up the police to concentrate on violent and white collar crimes.  Legalizing drugs would cut crime by about 80% (muggings, burglaries and petty theft) as most of these crimes were done by people trying to get money to buy drugs.  Tax the victimless crimes and use the revenue for eduction and clinics to help against abuse.

Segue to many, many years later, 2004, I bump into Larry King at the Wilshire Hotel in LA and reminded him of our earlier discussion.  After I recounted to him what he said, he said, “it’s still true”!

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