Passions on a Bridge

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When art, schedule, opinions and timing converge on a bridge..  We had permission to shoot on the oldest bridge in this part of Japan.  Vanzi was shooting the army crossing the bridge and finally Tony chasing the villian across it’s expanse.  We were running behind as Vanzi kept shooting and shooting different pick up shots of the army and this long beautiful vista of this ancient bridge. Tony started screaming at Vanzi to get the shot and get on with the shooting of Tony’s crossing.  Vanzi used to state that actors were like cattle (he carried a switch that he would occasionally hit the actors with, like driving cattle):  they should stand where told and do what they were told.  Tony and Vanzi started screaming at each other.  Bottom line is Tony and Vanzi had a major confrontaton that led to a few of us trying to pull Tony’s hands off Vanzi’s throat as he was strangling him!



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