When you don’t have all the money

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We had run out of money and Tony told me that I had to come to Almeria with $50,000 or else everyone would leave and we were screwed.   To be more specific “Tony had previously told me that the production manager would meet me in Madrid and if I wasn’t on the flight, he would call everyone and they would leave.”   I managed to get an investor to put up $17,500 cash.  A friend of mine picked up the cash in Miami and flew to NY where I met him at the airport.  I put the cash in my suitcase and got on the flight to Madrid.  On my arrival I was picked up by two big Spaniards and wondered as they drove to the middle of nowhere –is this it?  I will expound on this at a later time.

I was supposed to have $50,000 and had $17,500–my only recourse was charm as opposed to crying..so we had a big dinner.  In the photo you will see Tony on the left and across from him is his girlfriend, Diane.  Diane recorded the behind the scenes video that is on my site and elsewhere. Further on Tony’s side of the table, was Nino Milan our production manager and Ferdinando Baldi our director.  Because I picked up the check…all were happy and we moved forward to finish the film


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