You are Feeding the Town

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As I posted earlier, I had to arrive in Almeria with cash or everyone was leaving the filming and it would be all over.  The crew would scatter to the four corners.
At the very last minute and I mean the very last minute, I got an investor for $17,500 (not quite the $50,000 that was expected in Almeria)A friend of mine picked up cash from an investor in Miami and flew to NY where I met him at the airport.  I put the cash in my suitcase and got on the flight to Madrid.  On my arrival I was picked up by two big Spaniards and wondered as they drove to the middle of nowhere –is this it? Are they going to rob me and leave me in the desert?  It was pitch black as we drove through a vast empty expanse and then I saw a light and the silhouette of mountains in the distance.  When we arrived I saw tents and lots of people wandering around.  Nino, the production manager, came to me and pointed to the lights and tents and said… you are feeding the town.  It turns out that the towns people were our extras–they would dress up as the Moors and run from the left…change outfits, dress as the barbarians and run from the right..


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